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Harmony Springs from our "HUMMING HERD"

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Harmony Springs Alpaca Farm's "HUMMING HERD."

Original herd has lines of famous past World-Class and U.S. Champions. Now includes some recent Blue Ribbons or Champions! Crias will at least have grand-parentage from our original herd, or from breedings to SIRES with lineage of a Champion or multi-lines of Champions (current &/or past).

2015...NEW fiber colors!

Featured items for sale in 2016:

1 Full-length, lined, cranberry-red colored coat with Tag stating outer layer, made entirely of Alpaca CRIA fibers. Priced at $550.

We'll probably have more information about our Harmony Springs Alpaca Farm store; and the new Harmony Springs Farms site: harmonyspringsfarms.com/harmonyspringsfarm.com ... thru our 2 new openherd web sites!

All sales for products from our STORE are final. No Refunds or Exchanges. You should visit us at the farm if you wish to peruse of our store items to make certain you want them before buying. If sold by mail, no exchanges or refunds.