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Monday, August 12, 2013

2013 Alpaca Shearing Day at Harmony Springs Farms

Gently gentlemen.  Cria on board!

Gently gentlemen. Cria on board!

The day finally arrived. Time to shear alpaca herd for fiber! Amy just added some great quality alpacas to her herd. Probably her new alpacas are some of the best quality in the herd now! The dam who is pictured here is one of her new acquisitions with exceptional fiber! Nevaeh (heaven) is also about to have a cria by Amy's new sire Nike (S V Nike placed in 2009 VAOBA as an indefinite colored grey & brown). You make good choices Amy!!

Royal Fawn is gone, but some amount of his lineage is in very large percent of our current herd. For some he is a grandsire, for others he may be all the way back to one of their great- or to a great-great-great grandsire. Very few don't have him in lineage at all. Other names like Hemingway, Auzengate & Chimbote, Snowmaster, Fleecy Dale Bon Bon, Cuento, Three-in-a-Row, Cumulus, Silver Medal Codi, Vengador's Accoyo Alexander, and Auzengate are some names in the lineage found in our herd... from breedings to great sires (some of those sires were from farms of PA). Snowmass De Beers crias (Destello, Chloe & Cotton & their cria's) & Snowmass Condornar & Adonis (our Kahlua), Royal Fawn's son "Monte Carlo (our Nuera & offspring)," Kensington & Bonanza, Solomon, World Class Smoke Storm & Kesling's Midnight, Esterlino, 4Peruvian Camelot, Peruvian Black Magic , & Lt. Fawn "yellow" Peruvian Pizazz (see Rayo's Master of Snow & Peaches' cria Ginger...who have yellow Pizazz, but somewhat different lineage!), S. Incaaccoyo Star, Matador, Maverick, Camilio and Legacy of Bolivia are just a few names that are found in lineage of our sires. OUR HERD HAS A "GREAT" FOUNDATION, of well-known and Champion names within their genes. Variety of colors even includes Dk or Lt Silver Grey in a few. Just one look at these pictures of few of our females on Shearing Day tells that story. We'll be placing 2014 sheared pic's with many individual alpacas.

*This Fall Amy added two sires to our herd. Amy's newest boys are: Bolaro and Kahlua. We also added INDIVIDUAL pics of alpacas, some cert's.. more info at Harmony Springs Farms Alpacas farm pages.
Crystal... just rained & rubbed sheared neck on wet ground?  Her neck feels cool tho!

Crystal... just rained & rubbed sheared neck on wet ground? Her neck feels cool tho!

Summertime... Still got grass!!

Summertime... Still got grass!!