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Monday, August 12, 2013

Harmony Springs Farms "Alpacas"


The "Pied Piper" & her herd!

Introducing Harmony Springs Farms "Alpaca Herd."

Until we learn to do better web pages or a nice farm site for you, and open them to other breeders, we'll try to show you some of our joy in owning alpacas through pictures. We'll start adding individual info when we are ready to open herd for sales or breedings. If we list breeding cost high at first, it is because we want some time to breed on farm first. We see great potential in several males! (Of course, we think they're ALL great!)

We have Royal Fawn in much of our herd at some percentage! Many males have Snowmaster & Hemingway, add Legacy De Bolivia, Vengador, Bonanza & Kensington, Camilio, Caligula, Matador, several Snowmass lines, Mtn Edge RAYO, & on. Two or 3 females have some of these lines, then Chimbote & Auzengate, Royal Fawn, Bonanza, Macusani, 5P Camelot, 6P Ron Hutson, P. Pizazz, Fleecy Dale Bon Bon, Jaxon, Silver Medal Codi & Cuento, World Class Smoke Storm, Kesling's Midnight, Cumulus ITA, 5 of Acero Marka's lines, Jane Russell. Add some Royal Fawn grand-daughters/grand-sons & many of his grt-grands. We're still improving their outside areas, too much Harmony Springs "creek" to "show" them yet. Snow was almost adult when bought. He went inside during heat of mid-day his first summer in very shaded, cool, embanked shed w 2 fans. His staple length is shown in his picture! He is proven, can run w that big coat & brags at the other sires only when bred...full energy. But he's extremely kind, & even comes to rescue & protect small sires as Nike taught him to do. His calm playing is limited by a gentle nature! We keep him sheared now, but he is just one of our Snowmaster & Hemingway & Royal Fawn grandsons.

Amy now has the best of Snow's original herd! She bought Buttercup & her sister Nevaeh (who had a beautiful cria with sire NIKE who's a 2009 indefinite grey, ribbon winner at VAOBA show). Amy also added SNOW's very dense, crimping uncle Destello (Fireworks!) and his sisters, Chloe and Cotton (all three sired by Snowmass De Beers & grand-sire is Snowmaster), because we liked Snowman so much! She also added Nevaeh, Buttercup & Ginger of the Accoyo Chimbote lineage. Amy's addition of dense Peaches (Sire-APP Peruvian Galant Physique & Camelot & Royal Fawn) & her daughter Ginger (a very dense female of Accoyo Chimbote's son "GG Ulysses"... also w 5Peruvian Camelot, Royal Fawn, Auzengate, and Light Fawn or golden Peruvian Pizazz lines) has greatly improved her herd.

Amy has added Kahlua, 2012 "VA Classic" ribbon-winning juvenile, now over 2 yrs, and just bred to Crystal (both much silver in lineage)! She also bought & added Black Bolaro, full brother of champion or blue-ribbon October Skye. Bolaro is proven sire at young age also, congrat's to Susan of Poverty... Farm and our Rachel and maybe Lazy Susan. We have enough males & females now to "keep the bloodlines" very clean & healthy. Amy is raising several cria now and is doing a good job currently with crossing good, independent, but "foundation & quality" lineage over into her herd (world famous bloodlines, some more recent champion or blue ribbon bloodlines).

It's a growing, learning experience for all of us. We've nicknamed them "AMY'S ALPACAS" and nicknamed her 1st HSFarms bred cria "Amado Melaine (Amae's Rosey Amado)", Nevaeh's first cria, from Accoyo Chimbote/Snowmaster/ Vengadorian/Hemingway/Macusani.. World Class Smoke Storm.. lineages (Nike son). Another exceptional cria is our farms coming (maybe Spring gift?)... from Peaches and Rayo's Master of Snow and Smoke Storm (Vet ultrasound shows dark cria)... who are of 5Peruvian Camelot, The Royal Phinese, Peruvian Jaxon & Macusani lineage, now crossed w Snowmaster, Rayo & Pizazz, Hemingway & several other foundation lines (like World Class Smoke Storm, Los Prados Kizzi, Kepling's Midnight, Carolina Smoke and...). Another Pandora's Box of color is coming soon (other crias will follow this Summer (by June and late Fall)!... 1st Buttercup, then Crystal and Mentirosa are hopeful mother's-to-be.

HARMONY "SPRINGS" from our Alpacas... and their "pied piper" owner Amy.
Richard, Katherine, Amy and the "rest" of our family...
She creates waterfall filling 2 tubs.. 1 to drink, 1 to bath... They're in spring-fed creek!

She creates waterfall filling 2 tubs.. 1 to drink, 1 to bath... They're in spring-fed creek!

Hi, I'm Snowman. Do you want to celebrate Spring with me in the creek?

Hi, I'm Snowman. Do you want to celebrate Spring with me in the creek?

2009 ribbon-winning Nike (dk grey/brown) & Kensington's son

2009 ribbon-winning Nike (dk grey/brown) & Kensington's son "S.V. Big Boy." Thanks but no creek!