Harmony Springs Alpaca Farm

"Harmony Springs from our humming herd!"

MAMA'S SPITTING IMAGE!! (AND MAMA'S FIBER BUNDLES)... even pretty this rainy day.
AMY watching something in the creek on a RAINY DAY

Diamond AMY of Harmony Springs... Partially dry & resting w her Dam


Cria AMY... still drying from birth. Her tail straightened up and Amy's pretty now.


Butter Cup's Diamond AMY

D.O.B. 5/24/2014 (7 yrs)

Huacaya, Female, White, Light Fawn, Light Brown

Sire: DESTELLO (Fireworks!) | ARI# 1301212  | White, Beige 
Dam: SEVENTH VALLEY BUTTERCUP | ARI# 31672306  | Light Fawn, Light Brown 
Service Sire:     


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NOT 4 SALE! JUST LOOK AT THE CHAMPION OR WORLD CLASS NAMES IN HER LINEAGE! BETWEEN DESTELLO AND BUTTERCUP, SHE CAN'T FAIL TO HAVE A GREAT LINEAGE!! Not planning to sell her as she is "HOPE for our farms Future Success, as is Lazer, Rayo's SNOW, WINGS, Amado..all cria!" Born on owner AMY's birthday, she plans to hang onto her namesake quite a while!

THIS IS OUR 2nd CRIA THAT'S "BOTH" BRED AND BORN AT THIS FARM! We've raised males WINGS (1 1/2wks old), and AMADO was born at HARMONY SPRINGS FARMS just 2 days past owner AMY's birthdate and raised here too. After 1st shear, was commented: So calm during shearing & she's a "show girl."

This is BUTTERCUP'S FIRST CRIA, and DESTELLO'S 3RD (He's thrown 3 FEMALES... every one dense & SOFT ...each a different color). DESTELLO IS ESTABLISHING A RECORD OF ALL FEMALE OFFSPRING!

GRAND-DAM MENTIROSA watches over her too. She looked all over the large field until she found little AMY and her daughter Buttercup in the barn... then she watched over them inside and out.

Cria AMY was up on her feet VERY quickly and found her mother's milk-bar quickly as well. She's AMY to us and her formal name "Butter Cup's Amy of Harmony Springs." Her fiber is dense, crimped...reminds us of stories about most of her ancestry. Her temperament is that of a calm little lady... you just want to 'touch" that nice heavy coat of fiber! Read about Chimbotte below!!..and about Snowmass DeBeers' success stories...her ancestry is great!

Lineage of Destello gives her Snowmass De Beers, HEMINGWAY, Acero Marka's Bonanza, Ameripaca's Kensington, Acero Marka's CHAMP & Mountain Edge Viento.
Lineage of DAM Buttercup gives her Peruvian AUZENGATE & Peruvian Accoyo CHIMBOTE, Chimbotte's Corazon, 6Peruvian Ron Hudson IMPR98, CVA's Baba Au Rhum, Acero Marka's FORWARD PASS, Snowmass SIERRA, CPeruvian JAXON 114 IMPF98, Peruvian MACUSANI G204 & Fleecy Dale BON-BON,Ivory Pond's PACO, German SAMSON GA05...

MOUNTAIN EDGE wrote of Chimbotte (her grand-sire):
Peruvian Accoyo Chimbote won a second place at his first AOBA National Convention in 1998 and a first place at the Eastern Alpaca Jubilee in 1999 and recently a third place in an extremely large class of 23 animals at the National Convention in Louisville in 2000. He continues to impress judges with his magnificent CONFORMATION and SUPER-DENSE FLEECE. In every halter class he has entered, he has won either a first, second or third, despite the significant competition of the best animals from all over the United States. At the Louisville convention on June 4th, he "sheared an incredible 12.65 pounds of fleece and that did not even include his legs." Chimbote's sire was Auzengate, the FIRST PICK of 550 alpacas in the 1995 Peruvian importation! Best of all, 70% of Chimbote's crias have been female. She's got great GENES and DAM Buttercup's fiber, so she's turning out to become one of our BEST Dam's yet. We may take her to Halter Shows with aunt Nevaeh's Amado! And, now, Cot

Amy offers financing for sale of alpacas.
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