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"Harmony Springs from our humming herd!"

Her Certificate is WHO'S WHO in GREYS!
Jasmine, those eyelashes are adoreable!! Royal Fawn grand-daughter, Nuera is lying in background!



ARI# 30925793   D.O.B. 7/18/2006 (15 yrs)  (Due Date: 10/22/2016)

Huacaya, Female (Bred), Proven | Medium Brown

Sire: CUENTO | ARI# 820977  | MRG DB WH 
Dam: MENTIROSA | ARI# 847231  | Medium Fawn, Dark Fawn 
Service Sire: KAF KAHLUA 
| ARI# 32109573  | Medium Brown, Dark Rose Grey, True Black 


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She got 10 minutes w Kahlua & VET SAYS: She's probably expecting (& still cushing...and Kahlua was successful 2x with 5min ea last yr). She's TRULY of: WHO's WHO in GREY lines!!! OVER HALF of the 22 ancestors on her ARI CERTIFICATE w this page are ROSE GREYS & SILVERS! CUENTO (MRG DB WH) was a well-known champion! He gave Jasmine his great lineage...The SILVERSMITH, his son SILVER MEDAL CODI, & MM 3-IN-A-ROW (their 3rd in line was pretty famous too). CUENTO's dam lineage was Silvercloud PC, SA TAJ MAHAL HST and SA PHAROAH's Princess, J.D.'s EL CID and his son J.D.'s REMINGTON. I believe on paragraphs 3, 4, & 5... Here is a link with historical info (pic) that I found on alpacanation from Hagen Heights Alpacas of NY for THE SILVERSMITH (originally with Bonny Doon Alpacas): www.bonnydoonalpacas.org/silver.html. The next comment on alpacanation was to Mayhem Farm. She published what "Eric Hoffman from Brigadoon Alpacas" had sent to them on Silversmith. He told Lynn: The Silversmith was named by us and here for about ten years. At the time he was probably the best known silver stud in the United States. The Silversmith arrived from northern Chile (this was before animals were allowed from Peru and Bolivia) in the second large importation of alpacas from South America in l988. There is more on alpacanation to read. Lani's Alpacas on alpacanation in 2008 said: at Alpaca Registry his ARI number is 65537, from Chile, Registered 1-1-86, Light Silver Grey. He had 119 offspring, last registered 1999.

Mentirosa's dam lineage also carries well-known Light Silver Grey & White "MACUSANI", and Dewey M.'s Cherry Jubilee (MB LSG WH) & her daughter Dewey Meadow's Ruby (LB LSG WH)...even dam Medium Brown "Fleecy Dale BON-BON"..well known! CPeruvian Jaxon was a real mystery till looked him up on ARI...w Bay Black comes many possibilities (have his picture)!

She is VERY gentle, a great mother w patience, attentiveness, plenty of milk... just as Mentirosa (So far ALL our dams are great mothers!). She still knew her grown cria Crystal, when Amy brought rest of herd home. Cuento's Jasmine, her sister Peaches (w Ginger Snap & Lazy Susan), their dam Mentirosa, and their Corazon lineage females were in 2nd half when bought rest of herd. If you don't separate alpaca families, they tend to be a family unit 'til they die...Jasmine & Cotton proved that to us when they joined their offspring at our farm, and again when we brought home the rest of their dams & sisters.

Jasmine could easily throw a grey or black/white mix cria with the right sire! Her daughter Nevaeh (sired by Corazon's Chimbote), is of "exceptional" quality...then again, so is her Vengadorian daughter "Crystal". Her dam Mentirosa's line of females may be the best all-around quality in the herd (in competition are Jasmine's sister Peaches and her females, and Jasmine's sister "Buttercup")! What a beautiful family of soft, dense, gentle & good natured females!! Jasmines daughter Nevaeh'

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DAM=WHO'S WHO IN GREYS! (Colors/Greys)
ARI#    D.O.B. 6/15/2010 (11 yrs)
Huacaya, Female| White, Proven
Sire: White Comet
Service Sire: Rayo's Master of Snow & SmokeStorm
HER CRIA WITH "RAYO'S MASTER OF SNOW..." WILL COME FROM A "WHO'S WHO" IN GREY (From Crystal lines & CHAMPIONS on both lineages).. CRIA'S certificate ...

Harmony Springs Alpaca Farm - Baker, WV

ARI# 31672344   D.O.B. 5/14/2009 (12 yrs)
Huacaya, Female| Medium Fawn, Light Brown, Proven
Service Sire: Triton's LAZER of KAF
TRULY HEAVENLY..LIKE HER NAME (hid that she really is HEAVEN)... HAD FIRST CRIA MAY 26, 2013 w NIKE (ribbon-winning sire at this Farm)...cria AMADO. ...

Harmony Springs Alpaca Farm - Baker, WV

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