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"Harmony Springs from our humming herd!"

Gentle Big Boy and Nike watch over Lazer and Amado Melaine.
Big Boy will peruse home Nike!

As you say: "They're spoiling us." But we like you too!

Sire-2002 AOBA NAT'L/SNOWMASS/WorldCls


ARI# 31672313   D.O.B. 8/23/2011 (10 yrs)

Huacaya, Herdsire (Male), Unproven | White

Dam: SEVENTH VALLEY CHLOE | ARI# 30446199  | Light Brown 

Stud Fee:

$800 Introductory breeding!
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His sire, Ameripaca's KENSINGTON, was 3rd place winner at the AOBA NATIONAL SHOW....Full fleece Mature FAWN MALE...just one of his ribbons. Kensington was priced $75,000 at one time! A breeding at any price is a good deal!! Introductory breeding priced low, as young.. not proven "YET." Drive-by breedings $800 per female, for Spring-FALL,2016. We usually only breed for up to 3 cria a year, so he is awaiting his turn along w beautiful Wings (am going to use both)...would consider sell BigBoy $15,000.

Drive-by breeding SALE. Describe him as Gentile, very SOFT!! & Tall. ALL-WHITE "S.V. Big Boy" should have been named "ALTO" (TALL as a mountain & white as it's caps, and still growing).
His medium fawn SIRE was Ameripaca's Kensington. Owned by an AOBA judge, he took the BLUE RIBBON at both MAPACA AND AOBA National in 2000! Kensington has produced over 30 cria from white to medium brown, and found on internet that he was priced $75,000. Silver & Rose Greys are in his lineage!

Big Boy's dam Chloe has plenty of World Class lineage... w Lt Brown, Browns & Greys, Rose Greys, White & True Black lineage. Chloe has thrown pure White (like her Snowmaster & Hemingway lineage) & also Dark Grey & Dark or med. Brown (Very grey under and dk brown tips), and a Mocha boy! Big Boy's half-brother, Nike, placed as an Indefinite Grey/Dark Brown color when young at the 2009 VAOBA halter shows! Nike is PROVEN, but Big Boy not yet... owner's choice. His age was 3 yrs at end of August 2014, and breeding may be priced high UNTIL we SEE his offspring! You must have a Vet certify health & wellness of your dam (or able to show us your own health records... choice is at our discretion) prior to breeding for our sires. His dam Chloe also boasts on her dam Kizzi's lineage: World Class Smoke Storm (from Australia) and Cumulus(MRG LSG WH)/Sir Lancelot lines. IF SELL, IS BECAUSE HAVE TOO MANY SIRES W HIS SNOWMASTER/HEMINGWAY/WORLD CLASS SMOKE STORM BLOODLINES!

Big Boy is the son of Medium Fawn Champion KENSINGTON of AMERIPACA, and there is also Dark Fawn and Beige in his other "Acero Marka" lineage. Yet his dam's lineage also has much whites and grey's in both her sire's and dam's lineage. As stated above, his dam throws dark colors as well. So you don't know with Big Boy's white's of the world-class "Snowmaster/ Hemingway/ Snowmass Peruvian Purenya (of Hemingway)" lineage... added in with his grand-dam Kizzi's lineage of "World Class Smoke Storm", Carolina Smoke (MB LSG Wh), and Kizzi's sires lineage of Esterlino, Cumulus ITA (MRG LSG & White ?champ) and Kesling's Midnight... then Cumulus' sire, "Sir Lancelot..." whether you might get White, or just about any dark color, or beautiful colors of Grey! All white, he reminds us of movie Bambi, where little fellow smelled the flowers. If he likes you, he'll smell you too... especially if lower your hair forward after a shampoo. He's aggressive when eating...both timid & inquisitive with caregivers. He love

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