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"Harmony Springs from our humming herd!"

Rains, mud today...Lazer still shines w look of Sire Triton! Cursor over Triton, BLUE print, compare
Lazer & Amado got much rain. Per judge "He shines/lusterous fleece. Lazer shimmers in any amount of

Young EAGLE sits front of Lazer, finally got small fish in our pond.

Orig. pic of EAGLE. He sat 25 min+, then got small fish. Directly above NIKE!

PrincePhillip/A.GrandTriumph-w 4 Fleece Wins!

Triton's LAZER of KAF

ARI# 32671025   D.O.B. 6/16/2013 (8 yrs)

Huacaya, Herdsire (Male), Unproven | White

Sire: KAF TRITON | ARI# 31195461  | White 
Dam: ELK MIA RAE  | ARI# 1263053  | Medium Fawn 

Stud Fee:

$3,500 2015-2nd/3rd Spin &Fleece
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NO BREEDS /NOT for sale: till PROVEN on this farm! (MUST show DAMs medical record to protect Lazer from illness)! End of 2016 and NO CRIA YET FROM 3 BREEDS LAST FALL (actually he had 3 larger,then 3 smaller dams put in with him)! Our fantastic, "Brightly-shining" WHITE Junior-Sire"mean" fiber diameter was 17.1 microns. Fibers greater than 30 microns is only 1.8 %. He has that fine buttery soft fiber! His sire Triton still has only 2.7 % of fibers greater than 30 microns this year! And his standard deviation in fiber is not much different than his sire Triton's. Breedings may be available after we get the first cria from him! He's serviced 3 females, but want to actually see his cria before opening him up to other females outside our herd. He is becoming more independent as he gains height & confidence... over the other males! But he's not tempered into battle w other sires easily...They have to coax him & then he plays...dosn't lose his temper easily. Of course, almost all our males were bred in PA for good natures as well as high quality, so there isn't much fighting among our males (till Spring...breeding time when they see males going up to our shed row barn to breed females.

2015--4 RIBBONS in 2 Shows! 2nd & 3rds PAOBA show and North Carolina Celebration.
He's GENTLE, has his sires "way of listening & looking at you when speak to him!" NICE natured junior sire...growing in stature FAST..in other words he's going to be TALL! His fleece just proved it's worth... he may be headed for Halter Show next...full of dense fleece. If stature, softness w uniform density is desired, give us a call. (Breedings... after 2018 w be-$1500).

Lazer's sire= KAF Triton,from past Double-O sire: HDF Prince Phillip, from NWA, LTD Predictor/Hemingway, NWA LTD Cecilia & El Moustachio! Peruvian Bonanza's "Amber B Sienna" was Triton's dam (Peruvian Chocolateer, DLA Perfecta &DLA Bernardo 167 in her bloodlines). LAZER's dam "Elk Mia Rae" is from 5Peruvian Girasol 8668 (MBrown) and 6Peruvian AccoyoGrandTriumph IMPR98 (WH)...BOTH COLOR CHAMPIONS! Per Double "O" Good Alpacas: "6P ACCOYO GRAND TRIUMPH" was in famous (last-'98) importation from Peru. HIS FLEECE WAS SO DENSE THAT HE QUALIFIED TO BE RATED AS A PERUVIAN NATIONAL TREASURE, & past 71% female offspring! How'd USA ever get him!...Thank you DOUBLE "O" GOOD! Triton's LAZER & AMADO(TB/?Silver), our Jr Sires may surpass BIG BOY's swiftly gained height/stature/fineness.

FARM lines of famous pacas: HEMINGWAY, SNOWMASTER & 2004 MAPACA Champion Snowmass DeBeers (3 offspring-Destello/Cotton/Chloe). We've 4 DeBeers grandsons, 1 Nike son...maternal lines Cumulus ITA & Sir Lancelot; several VENGADOR's Accoyo Alexander [WINGS/NIKE(2009 VAOBA ribbon)& son AMADO & 2 females]; Chimbote females; several ROYAL FAWN's "Monte Carlo" or "Royal Phinese" line, Ameripaca's Solomon & Kensington, Bonanza...4 Acero Marka males, Mtn Edge's RAYO (champ Eastern Alpaca Jubilee)...


Second Place, 2015 "Cottage Fleece" (White) PAOBA, May 9-10
Third Place, 2015 "Spinoff" (White fleece) PAOBA
Third Place, 2015 "Spinoff" (White fleece) North Carolina Alpaca Celebration.
Third Place, 2015 "Cottage Fleece" (White fleece) North Carolina Alpaca Celebration!
[8th] Fleece- VAOBA 2014 (White fleece).
NEXT step: We have faith he will do well in Halter shows... as soon as we can accommodate him and do him justice. White is a hard category...very competitive, so we are very proud of LAZER.
***At OUR EXPENSE AND REQUEST, his first shearing entered 3 shows this year (with 4 GREAT FLEECE RIBBONS) by KISMET ACRES...who still held his registration while we finished paying for him. Either way he was already ours when he won! We would have needed permission to show...so we had bought him, his fleece & HAVE HIS RIBBONS! So we are grateful to Kismet for this opportunity and for working with us. We are anxiously waiting to see how he does in the future... since all of Elk Mia Rae's cria (& most of his sire Triton's) have been great quality Champions, or Ribbon & Multiple-ribbon winning...
(Will check records for his Grand-Sire "AccoyoGrandTriumph" to see if was a "GET OF SIRE" winner!).
Lazer's sire TRITON is 2x Color Champion and has a wonderful record of blue ribbons.
Lazer himself may yet be shown (Our farms worked together to get fleece shown in 2015). Lazer is growing FAST to become QUITE a nice Sire, who may be passing Triton in stature (He has his dam's stature/height), he looks just as handsome and soft (like Triton was in youth...still is).

*AMY asks for payment in full for breedings. Until he is PROVEN here, no breedings allowed!

Updated 5/5/2018